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Taste Your Might

Taste Your Might

As promised; the Queen City is about to get CAGED! Join us in welcoming the Original Johnny Cage, Master Daniel Pesina to CinciClassic 2019!

Master Pesina is a gold medal winner in International and USA sanctioned martial arts tournaments. He helped bring life to the Mortal Kombat series by portraying characters like Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Smoke, Noob Saibot, and more. Master Pesina also helped design and provide motion capture sequences for many of Mortal Kombat’s signature character moves, such as Scorpion’s rope dart. Many of these hallmarks of the Mortal Kombat franchise maintain lasting relevance in today’s pop culture.

We have some additional surprises in store that we’re planning with Master Pesina, so stay in touch with us here and on Facebook!


  1. Cinci Classic

    Yes, absolutely! Master Pesina will be doing signings. We also have a convention-exclusive, brand new, original Mortal Kombat print from Rusty Shackles in the works! Pricing is still being worked on. We will announce it once it has been finalized, prior to the date of the convention.

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