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CINCICLASSIC 2019 Massive Content Update!

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Not Quite March Madness, But Close

The CinciClassic team has been hard at work prepping for the CinciClassic 2019. We’ve sought out an exciting and eclectic mix of guests, set up a fantastic variety of tournaments, and secured some phenomenal vendors. All that hard work is paying off, so we have a metric TON of updates for you!

Guest Page Added

We’ve secured six fantastic guests for the convention. A brand new guest page has been added to the site, with videos, bios, and links for each guest. Here’s our guest lineup so far:

  • Master Daniel Pesina – the martial artist behind Mortal Kombat’s characters
  • Coury Carlson – Co-host of the “My Life in Gaming” web series
  • Tyler Hoggle – Founder of “Screaming Villains” game studio
  • Fluke Skywalker – Luke Skywalker Lookalike
  • Nathan Fouts – Founder of “Mommy’s Best Games” game studio
  • Dean Holden – Legend of Zelda streamer

Check out the guest page for details on what each guest will be doing at CinciClassic 2019!

More Tournaments

We’ve added three more tournaments! This will cap the event off with five tournaments total. Our tournament lineup is a great mix of fun, competitive games spanning multiple different genres, from fighting game to puzzle games. Here’s the new games that we’ve added:

  • Nintendo World Championship (NES Remix 2) – Wii U
  • Soulcalibur – Dreamcast
  • Super Puzzle Figher 2 Turbo – Sega Saturn

You can find out more on our tourmaments page.

More Vendor Space

We’ve made some adjustments to the floor plan and were able to add 12 more vendor tables! While we love all of our fantastic artists and craft makers, the main focus of the CinciClassic is retro games. We are opening up these new tables strictly for game sellers. If you sell retro game hardware or software and are interested in a vendor table for the CinciClassic 2019, you can purchase one directly from our ticket page.

New Vendors

In addition to the new tables we’ve opened up, we also have three new vendors to tell you about:

  • Matt Gauslin – Retro game cartridges and CDs in the $5 to $25 range
  • Laura’s Nerdy Doodles – Fun and nerdy doodles and doodads
  • Games Over Cincy – Video games, comics, cards and board games

You can find out more about our new vendors on the vendors page. More to come!