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I Wanna Hold Your Handhelds

Game Boy. More Fun than a ferret down your trousers.

Can you believe it? The CinciClassic 2019 is only 6 days away! If you’re still on the fence about attending, well then let me tell you about our latest addition to the show. The Handheld Museum will have on display a wide variety of handheld consoles dating back to the 70’s, all the way up through the 90’s. We’re talking things like:

  • Atari Lynx
  • Game & Watch
  • Microvision
  • LCD games
  • Neo Geo Pocket
  • Pokemon Mini
  • Wonderswan

…and more! Come down to the CinciClassic 2019 this Saturday for your opportunity to get your hands on these awesome rare and unique handheld games, in addition to all of the other great consoles that will be on display. Don’t miss out! CinciClassic 2019 will be more fun than a ferret down your trousers.